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Wayne's Accomplishments

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2018    MICHAUTO



Public Acts – Primary Sponsor

PA154 of 2009: part of a bipartisan package of bills to clarify how shut offs of utilities are to happen. You may recall, in 2008 a 93-year-old Bay City resident froze to death in his home after the utility installed a device to limit his usage in response to his failure to pay the bills.

PA 238 of 2010: bill was part of bipartisan package of bills to allow economic development programs to include transit-oriented development and transit-oriented facilities in the activities allowed under economic development laws.

PA 3 of 2011: The primary legislation to provide $25 million in funding for the Pure Michigan promotion campaign.

PA 272 of 2011:  Allowed for tax abatement on certain obsolete property and rehabilitation of property for economic development.

PA 28 of 2012: Authorized electronic filing of an application for a certificate or license for a vessel, watercraft, off-road recreation vehicle or snowmobile.

PA 58 of 2012:  Requires a person to wear a proper personal flotation device in order to be towed by a vessel or face a civil infraction punishable by a maximum civil fine of $100.00.

PA 221 of 2012:  Modified the 21st century jobs trust fund; establish the Michigan Micro Loan Program - loans not to excess $50,000 or the Small Business Administration micro load amount limitations.  Also limits overhead rates of administrative fees and management fees for recipients of Venture Capital Investment Program awards to 25% of the award.

PA 222of 2012:  Amended the Tax Reverted Clean Title Act to allow a land bank fast track authority to exempt eligible tax reverted property from the specific tax levied under the Act, making the property subject instead to the general property tax.

PA 290 of 2012:  Allowed the Michigan Economic Development Authority (MEDC) to designate three additional certified technology parks (SmartZones) - Traverse City was one of the 3 new SmartZones.

PA 334 of 2012:  A bipartisan package of bills to authorize circuit and district courts to establish veterans treatment courts, which would provide a treatment program for veterans who are substance abusers or mentally ill.

PA 346 of 2012:  Part of a package of bills to amend the state housing development authority act with respect to load and great programs of Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).   The bill revised the purchase-price and family-income limits for the mortgage credit certificate program by adjusting upwards the family income limit from $65,000 to $74,750

PA 421 of 2012:  Adjusted the amount that road authorities must pay to railroads for annual maintenance of active traffic control devices, as required by law every 10 years. 

PA 434 of 2012:  Conveyance of a railroad right-of-way at the old Traverse City State Hospital to the Traverse City Area Public Schools for use at the Greenspire School.

PA 584 of 2012:  Amended the Rental-Purchase agreement Act to allow a fee to reinstate payment plan after missing payment; bill also provides limits and clarity of reinstatement rights.

PA 178 of 2014: Changed how certain industrial byproducts are classified and revise the regulations pertaining to their reuse; created new markets for many different industries, encouraging economic growth.

As Committee Chairman

PA 266 of 2011: Reformed Worker’s Compensation to address waste and abuse, and limit liability in certain ways for employers in Michigan.

PA 14 of 2011: Reformed Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance program to eliminate waste, particularly benefit overpayments, and reduce the amount of time benefits may be received.

PA 348 of 2012: Part one of two bill package that made Michigan the 24th Right to Work state in the country, thereby prohibiting an individual from being required, as a condition of employment, from joining or paying dues to a labor union.

Road funding: Introduced and passed a plan in the House to increase competetive bidding, require greater effeciency and start fixing roads without raising taxes.

Wayne has also supported...

PA 197 of 2011: Removed Youth Employment Regulations

PA 15 of 2011: Removed Item Pricing Regulations on Retailers to save consumers $2 billion

PA 10 of 2011: Removed costly ergonomic regulations on job providers

PA’s 238, 239, 242-248 and 270 of 2011: Improved regulations for small businesses

PA 281 of 2012: Eliminated Bridge Cards for inmates

PA’s 38-45 of 2011: Eliminated MBT & Restructured Income Tax to be fair and equal for all taxpayers; reduced taxes by $641 million dollars in doing so.

PA 223 of 2012: Cut income tax rate from 4.35% to 4.25%

PA 168 of 2011: Outlawed partial birth abortions

PA 277 of 2011: Lifted and removed the Charter School cap to give parents more education options

PA 129 of 2012: Gave Parents further opportunity by increasing the opportunity for cyber schools

PA 283 of 2012: Protected the state’s beautiful lands with Natural Resources Trust Fund projects

PA 200 of 2011: Eliminated “lifetime” healthcare benefits for Legislators

PA 300 of 2012: Passed MPSERS Reform to eliminate $15.8 billion in unfunded debt liabilities

PA 402 of 2012: Phases out the Personal Property Tax for eligible manufacturing personal property, including industrial property and certain commercial property.

PA 9 of 2013: Improved natural resources infrastructure and access.

PA 28 of 2013: Helped veterans become aware of federal VA benefits to which they are entitled.

PA 59 of 2013: Continued to fund Pure Michigan; adanced Michigan's workforce development program; invested in and enhanced state parks; encouraged uniform mental health services program and expanded residential facilities.

PA 60 of 2013: Increased funding for early childhood education programming.

PAs 159-160 of 2013: Lowered taxes on the pruchase of new and used vehicles.

PAs 165-169 of 2013: Cut red tape for veterans returning home and seeking employment.

PA 34 of 2014: Dedicated $230 million from the budget surplus to fix roads and bridges.

PAs 203-207 of 2014: Protected personal information of legal gun owners from exploitation under FOIA.

PAs 208-209 of 2014: Expanded vocational education opportunities.

2011-2015 Budgets: Reduced Michigan’s General Purpose expenditures for four consecutive years while also passing budget months in advance of October 1st deadline.

Administrative Actions: Cut Legislator pay and reduced Legislator Office/Staff Budgets by 13%


Wayne opposed

The Detroit Bailout: Voted against using taxpayer dollars to get Detroit out of bankruptcy and supported measures to make the city's finances more transparent and accountable.

Obamacare: Supported the Attorney General lawsuit on behalf of Michigan against Obamacare and worked to reform Medicaid to avoid additional federal government intervention.

Elimination of Landlines: Voted against the removal of telephone landlines, which would leave seniors and rural communities without telephone service.

Federal takeover of education: Rebuked federal involvement in Michigan's education system and affirmed local control.