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I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign site.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, I learned the value of hard work, public service, personal freedom and straight talk in one of the most beautiful places in the world. As a small businessman, a conservative, a former state representative, a sportsman and a family man I have been fortunate to call this my home for nearly fifty years. I am inspired by the families who have sustained this region so that their children and grandchildren will have the chance to build their lives here rather than travel to some far off state to make a living. I think of my own boys, and have the same hopes. I know we have made some progress in recent years, equally I know there is much more to be done in order to increase our economic freedom and preserve our way of life. I am fiercely determined to make these hopes a reality. The hardworking families of the 37th State Senate district deserve an elected official who listens and respects their opinions. Throughout my work as a State Representative and State Senator, I have traveled throughout the 37 th district and held over 290 in district coffee hours. I have focused on examining the issues, finding the best solution and crafting a genuine plan for the future to effectively deal with the problems facing our state. I believe the taxpayers expect me to solve problems, find solutions and get results. Too often politicians make empty promises, refuse to commit to solutions, or vote on both sides of an issue. I believe in better – no fine print and no surprises.

I believe in genuine accountability, real results and common sense solutions. I am asking for the support of the voters of the 37th State Senate district so we can continue to get to work, get the job done and realize the amazing Michigan we can all imagine with top paying jobs, a premier education system and a quality of life that cannot be beat anywhere else in the United States.



Wayne A. Schmidt